white boy thirst can destroy a life. if you suspect that a loved one or you are experiencing the beginning stages of white boy thirst, call 1-800-CWBT or visit to learn more about the symptoms and rehabilitation options. together, we can cure the thirst.

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LMAO listen Sarah listen I'm just trying to save you from this white boy thirst it is in fact spiraling out of control I'm afraid this white boy obsession will get so bad that one day you'll end up seeing that alien bendict cabbagepatch attractive replies callmemaggiesimpson

I was suppose to do some of my homework for this week today but like an hour after I got home a had a two and a half hour long conversation with my mom about her cases and the crazy people she’s representing and it was literally the funniest conversation I have had in the longest time. I literally never laughed so hard in my life oh my god lmao